Mooji Satsang Viewings

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Satsang is the invitation to step into
the fire of self-discovery.
This fire will not burn you,
it will burn only what you are not.
– Mooji

Come join the incredibly deep, joyful, loving satsangs with this grand master of Truth! Deeply insightful, fascinating, intimate, and sometimes funny, warm and most accessible… it will start to free you from the prison of person-hood and change the way you experience yourself and your life.
Check here (and many more on YouTube) Adres: Memlingstraat 13, 1077 LP Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6735109

Next occasion: to be announced.

Every thought and every breath
is a breath 
and a thought occurring in awareness. 
And we are that awareness, 
That thought-less and breath-less awareness.
– Mooji