Dit evenement eindigde op 16 april 2021

More information on the course and tickets: here.  – Only through The Conscious Club.
The course will be English spoken.
However, those who prefer this can receive a Dutch workbook instead of an English one.

Information meeting on February 19 online.
Tickets here.Only through The Conscious Club.

The Mindfulness Course is a real treasure to receive. Nowadays, it is more and more often taught online, as this turns out to be just as effective! There is even something special about having this strong meditation experience in the intimacy of your own space, at home. Online participants have been surprised by how connected they come to feel, even though the screen. Somehow the atmosphere and concentration are clearly transmitted and togetherness still strongly experienced. So don’t worry about it being less worthwhile – it will be powerful – and just take your chance now.

Take note! Many Dutch insurance companies actually cover the costs of this course.
Check this with them, please. (I do possess all needed certificates as a mindfulness trainer for coverage.)