August 29 —  Overcoming What Holds You Back
The ‘five hindrances’ in your practice and in daily life.
Buddhism explicitly names five things that keep us from focusing on our practice or anything we try to do: they are restlessness, aversion, desire, dullness and doubt.
These mental states are so very human, but it is really possible to overcome them! In this Conscious Talk we will learn to apply mindfulness in such a way that we are not pulled down by our disturbing feelings and thoughts.
With lively examples and beautiful metaphors we will get to recognise the hindrances, and then through a guided meditation, we will apply this knowledge directly to the moment.
You will go home with some insights that are very much applicable to and helpful in your daily life, even in the workplace.


September 6: Nirvana – Your Inmost Place Of Peace
Nirvana is in fact your True Being. Literally, the word Nirvana means ‘blown out’, which refers to the extinguishing of all fires of desire. So, Nirvana is where all desires are transcended, and any restlessness is left behind. Finally, here is perfect peace.
Maybe you already know intuitively there is a peaceful place inside yourself, which can never be disturbed. This is your pure being, your true source.
In this Buddhist talk, we will hear what the Buddha said about Nirvana, and come to understand its true meaning.
But above all, you will have a taste yourself through a guided meditation; its timeless peace. What could be more precious than Nirvana?

October 4: The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path – A Complete Way to Inner Peace
As we practice meditation and yoga, a longing may grow in us to live more consciously altogether.
When the Buddha realised the Way out of the cycle of suffering, he understood that this Way must have many aspects.
He then expounded the Noble Eightfold Path, which includes Right View, Right Speech, Right Livelihood and so on.
In this Buddhist talk, we will explore all aspects of the Buddha’s  Eightfold Path and take time to reflect on how it can help us lead more harmonious, pure and conscious lives. It can be so helpful to have some guidelines that inspire us.
Included in this talk will be a short meditation and sharing.

October 18: The Six Realms In Buddhist Cosmology – Gods, Hungry Ghosts, Animals and other states of mind.
In Buddhism (as in some other traditions) there is awareness of other realms that are not visible to the ordinary eye. We are normally only aware of the human and animal realms. But some sages and seers can perceive the realms of demigods and ghosts. Whether you believe in these or not, surely the Buddhist world view can be wonderfully helpful to understand ourselves: sometimes we are like animals, just following our instincts; at other times we are like ghosts, obsessed with our cravings, or like the angry gods, indulging in self-righteous anger, and so on.
In this Buddhist talk, you will learn about the six colourful realms that Buddhism describes and get to understand their deeper meaning. This will allow you to look at yourself from a new perspective, to become more aware of your drives and make wiser decisions.
This lively talk will be laced with stories and moments of reflection.
November 8:  Mindful Speaking – Harmonious and Wise Interactions
Did you ever come out of a yoga class or meditation, and then still get entangled in an argument? Feeling disappointed at your spiritual growth… How can it be that interaction with others can sometimes still be so challenging, even when you thought you had found inner peace?
In Buddhism, Right Speech is an important aspect of spiritual maturing. It offers some guidelines to help us: not to tell lies, not to speak evil of others, not using rude language nor indulging in gossip. These guidelines are not moralistic, but rather designed to bring you peace of mind.
In this talk, we will discuss Buddhist insights that help us speak more wisely and interact in a more harmonious way. If there is silence within, words become either unnecessary or harmonizing. Some meditation will be included and there may be some time to practice Right Speech as well.
December 27: Setting Good Intentions For The New Year – Buddhist Precepts To Live By Peacefully
Are you also hoping to one day be a really good person?
When we hope to change our unhelpful habits, it is often more easily said than done, isn’t it?
In the time of the Buddha, guidelines were devised to help his followers live in harmony together and not be seduced by all kinds of distractions. Many of these Buddhist precepts are still very helpful today. They offer us beautiful guidance to live wisely day by day, without harming others or ourselves.
In this talk, you will learn about these precepts. They are not meant to judge ourselves, nor decide what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. But they can help you see more clearly, how to act in a way that brings you peace and strength.
Some meditation and space for discussion will be included in this talk.

Sangha betekent spirituele community, de mensen met wie je samen oefent. We komen samen voor meditatie, qigong, yin yoga, een mooi verhaal, uitwisselen, mantra’s zingen… Wat lekkers eten en drinken ook natuurlijk. Het is altijd zo inspirerend en hartverwarmend om samen te mediteren en naar binnen te keren. We helpen en dragen elkaar. Iedereen heel […]

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