Our classes are fully taught in English whenever there are non-Dutch speaking participants.

A Yin class is very relaxing and refreshing; it brings you back to yourself, it is like coming home in the body. We start with a short meditation, then a warming-up, to enter the Yin yoga. We will close with an inspiring story or poem.

What is special about Yin yoga is, that one stays in a stretching pose for minutes at a time. This works on the connective tissues around the joints – which has a rejuvenating effect. It leaves you feeling deliciously stretched and relaxed. ‘As if you have received a massage!’
At the same time, the stillness of the poses offers one a chance to really focus inside:. This means, many mindfulness moments, and moments of deep peace. ‘So special… with each breath, I melted deeper into the pose.’

Note it is not at all necessary to already be flexible to take up this practice! Yin yoga is meant for everyone. It will calm you down, and it is entirely up to you how intense the stretching should be.

My certificate Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher I received from Stillness in Yoga of Anoshe and Nigam Overington. So enriching to train with them!

“Our goal in life is not to become perfect: our goal is to become whole.”

― Bernie Clark