Hatha/Vinyasa yoga is dynamic – first warming-up, then surya namaskar (sun salutations) then asanas (yoga poses) in a flow. You are working on flexibility, strength, balance, concentration and stamina.

The positive side effects of yoga are abundant. Self-confidence, fun and joy, endurance, connecting, resilience, body awareness and overall health, to name a few. I can recommend it to everyone. When I took up yoga classes again a couple of years ago, I found myself feeling younger, more playful, open and relaxed.
After a class you will feel that you have worked out with the whole body nicely. At the same time there’s a pleasant clarity, an inner peace and focus.

Our classes are fit for all levels. Wherever needed, we offer variations to the practice; a chance to join for every body.
If there are any physical challenges that you have to deal with and you prefer going at your own pace, you may want to book a private class.

Our classes are taught fully in English whenever there is a non-Dutch speaking participant.

Parsvakonasana – Extended Angle pose
Virabhadrasana B – Warrior Two

‘Let your practice be a celebration of life.’

– Seido Lee deBarros