Online weekend retreat

Wow…! So incredibly beautiful… it leaves me dumbfounded…

Lovely to be in the peace of your own home and yet have the strong support of the whole group plus the beautiful meditations and other classes.

I loved practicing at home in my own habitat…. really wipes away the boundaries between ‘my real life’ and ‘my practice’….

City retreat

It really made a big difference in how I felt: everything seemed lighter, calmer, more joyful. Even at work it felt like that.

So wonderful! We should live this way all the time…

Again new precious insights, precisely because you are meditating deeply in your daily existence.


Your guidance is honest, professional, loving and skillful.

Thank you for all classes, so enriching. The most wonderful thing I am taking home is the wisdom of ‘befriending’ feelings and thoughts that I normally consider annoying. That is really cool, facing them and think nothing of it, and then see the feeling that at first seemed enormous and the truth, slowly fade away and soften. It does not always work, but with meditation it’s working better all the time. Also, even though it was not even my purpose, I have not had any panick attacks anymore.

The course is intense, but that makes it really nice. So that you are really focusing on yourself, even in daily life. It brings peace and openness.
I have felt so welcome. Really good how everything is approached with great care and without judgment.

I have become calmer overall. Also, I take breathing spaces more often; observing first, before I respond.

Long retreat

It was a playful, cosy, light but also profound week for me.  So much gratitude for your availability, humor, insight and seemingly endless stock of illustrative stories!

The most touching of this retreat, felt with heart and soul: you need something to suffer, but you need nothing to be joyful. With this simple insight a healing seems to have begun.

Thank you to you both, for passing on so many things. For being the pointing finger [to the True Self]. For the depth. For the lightness. For the (inward) fun. For the singing and music. Thank you for all lessons. For your dedication. Every day again. Thank you.