Some responses from the evaluations:

– Thanks for all classes, very enriching. The most beautiful thing I take with me is I guess, the wisdom of ‘befriending’ of normally ‘annoying’ thoughts or feelings. That is really cool, to face those and think nothing of it, in order to see the feelings that at first seemed huge and the truth, fading away/softening out. It doesn’t always work, but with meditation it works more and more. For example, though it wasn’t my purpose per se, I don’t have any panic attacks anymore.

– The course is intense, but that is exactly what makes it enjoyable. Because of that you are really looking at yourself, even in daily life. It creates calm and openness.
I have felt so welcome in this course all the time. Really nice how everything is approached with attention and without judgment.

– The course brought me much more than I had expected! It taught me to live in the ‘now’and to not be dragged along by thoughts and feelings, have less reactivity.

– Your guidance is integer, professional, skillful and loving.

– The group was very inspiring! To realize you are not the only one, listening to each other, supporting each other, learning from each other.

– The meditations and reflections have brought me the most of all, the insights from that.

– I have become calmer overall. Also I take breathing spaces more often; to first observe, before reacting.

– It was lovely to learn so much, and great to get assignments to do at home. It made me feel everything was invaluable. I really enjoyed each evening and felt they were special, it was energizing.
I have more peace now, I am often taking a moment for myself.  That helps me to reflect on things and to accept how things are now.

– Your guidance is great. You know a lot, explain things very clearly and don’t make it overly serious. 🙂

– I am more aware in my own actions, this also helps in relation to others.
I have learned to live in the now, I can consciously choose to for instance just do the dishes – and enjoy it too.

– I notice it affects everything. Am conscious when I get angry, when I judge etc. and can let go of it.

– Guidance: down-to-earth and caring, really radiating and being what the course is about..