What is meditation?

Meditation is finding stillness both physically and mentally. You can do it while sitting, wlaking or standing. While sitting is probably the most concentrated way.

You will focus on the movements of the breath, or on the sensations in the body, for example. This way your thoughts begin to calm down and you are more present in the moment – as opposed to daydreaming.

Whatever arises in you, feelings, memories, emotions and so on, is accepted with awareness, wether they are pleasant or unpleasant, without you being drawn into them. This way, a calm is created, a steadiness in yourself. Time and again you return the attention to the breath or just to the sitting itself, in order to be here again, present. Not worrying about past or future, not longing for something better or different.

Most people find that the meditation is helping them immediately, even if it is not that easy, however simple the practice may in fact be.
But meditation is a practice, and even after just a few times, you will already notice a greater ease to bring the mind to a certain stillness.

The method itself is easy to learn. The basic instruction is to follow the breathing, but there are many different methods to use. This practice can go on always, and be deepened and strengthened endlessly.

Our classes are taught in English whenever there are non-Dutch speaking participants.