An interview

If you would like to come and chat, this is always possible. Naturally, we don’t have any ready-made answers, but we love to listen and share our own insights where this seems helpful.

Buddhism and other traditions offer a wealth of wisdom. There are all kinds of meditation and practices that can be very helpful on your path.
But becoming quiet and being with what is, is the first step to take. With that, you will already experience more peace. It is very important to discover this silence inside yourself.
Underneath all problems and complications that our minds create, there is a pure being. Connecting to this natural peace is calming and healing, it creates trust. This can happen in meditation, but also through listening and sharing.

Mindfulness individually

It is possible to do the eight week mindfulness course individually with Ciska.


Stef is a certificied supervisor and open to people who would like to enroll in an supervision-trajectory with him. This is always work-related.
More here on supervision with Stef.

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