Ciska’s Resumé


Psychology – Social Psychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 1989


Mindfulness Basic Teacher Training  at IAM in Vlaanderen 2011
Advanced Mindfulness Teacher Training at See True 2013
‘Long trajectory’ See True 2017
VMBN certification category 1 since 2017

Mindful Eating Conscious Living with Jan Chozen Bays 2013
Mindfulness for Children and Adolescents 2013

Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training at Stillness in Yoga 2015
Hatha/Vinyasa 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Anadi Centre 2020

Various specialising trainings 2011-2020



Freelance trainer for Frits Philips & Partners in Eindhoven 1988-1991
Board member and trainerat Vormingscentrum VU 1987-1988
Freelance trainer at faculty Social Psychology VU 1994

Meditation teacher, mindfulness trainer, yoga teacher home: centre ‘Het Oog van de Orkaan’ since 2010. Guiding meditation groups, mindfulness trainings, advanced trainings, yoga classes, retreats, silent days. Mostly with adults, but also kids and teens.Individuele training and counseling.
Also English mindfulness course (al materials translated).

Contributions to various teacher trainings in Buddhism, meditation and/or yoga. (NTI, VU, Stillness in Yoga) 2016-2020

Mindfulness for teenagers at schools like Ignatius Gymnasium 2019-2020


Freelance journalist in South Africa and Namibia 1991-1993

Guidinng refugees (volunteer job) in Amsterdam Zuidoost 2005-2014

Cleaning, gardening, cooking & leading teams in various spiritual centres across the world 1998-2020



Zen training in various zen centres in the US, The Netherlands and Europe 1996 -1998 and 2005-2010
Zen training living in Soto-zen temple Bukkokuji, Obama-shi, Japan 1999 – 2005
Zen-retreats and residential training in Zencentrum Noorderpoort in Drenthe 1998 and 2005 – 2020

Various Vipassana-retreats in Europe with among others Frits Koster, Jotika Hermsen, Bhante Sujiva, Bhante Bodhidhamma, Dhamma Dipa (Goenka) 2005-2018
Three-months-retreats Vipassana: Insight Meditation Society in the US 2008-2010
Vipassana/samatha-retreats with Christina Garbe 2013-2016

Insight Dialogue Retreat with Gregory Kramer & Bart van Melik 2014

Still various other short and long retreats, in mostly Tibetan buddhism and Chan 1995-2020

Several retreats and residency in ashram of Sri Mooji in Portugal 2016-2020