This year, we launched the Peaceposter project! Did you spot any peace poster yet?

Visit the peaceposter website here.

We started the project longing to bring a fresh breeze of inspiration blowing through the streets of Holland.
Most advertisement posters in town will approach the passers-by as consumers, potential customers. Ads want to sell you something, catch your attention and create a desire, a sense of lacking. They aim at you from a standpoint of self-interest.
But in fact, we don’t need so many things to be happy. The less we desire, the happier we can be. It’s only natural.

The banks of the Ganges river in India were a source of inspiration. There, sacred texts were written across the walls. No commercial advertising. These painted words along the Ganges talked of inner peace, wisdo, the Eternal, the Divine… Suddenly, one felt appreciated as a spiritual being. Not as a possible buyer, not interested in ’the best, the cheapest…’

Words of wisdom
We believe that true happiness comes from within. That is it’s not depending on what you possess or where you can travel. Many of the quotes on our posters are pointing this out. Wise beings like Rumi, the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa have spoken about this in simple words. When we take the right attitude inside ourselves, dropping judgments and expectations, the stress of existence starts to dissolve.

Of course we hope that the ‘peaceposters’ will make people smile; will surprise and inspire you. That they may invite you to take a deep breath, slow down and be grateful. Peaceposters would like to make you realise you don’t need anything really; that you could be content every moment.
But we don’t expect anything from anyone and don’t need anything in return.

If you’d like to support us, please go to our GoFundMe-page.

Please enjoy!